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Your skin is our business and Molecular Hydration is our game. We create ALL NATURAL skin care products through molecular modification based on Vortexing, Frequencies, Vibrations, pH Values and Electrical voltage. Plus, a secrete blend of essential minerals that provides proper skin nutrition. All together, they become the language of the lotions! So we start with (AGUA SARCA) a natural mineral water extracted from below the hills sides that have Cantera Lime Stone giving the water its special characteristics. We take this water and process it with our exclusive 15 steps of advanced technologies. Thus, we have created the perfect Lotions for skin care! Convenient and easy to use. Finally, high quality Skin Care made affordable! 

About us


The mission of activate your skin is to Our mission is to provide a new HYBRID SALES CO PENSATION PLAN. Men and Women who can promote, sell and distribute our products. Quality Skin Care finally made affordable! For less than a dollar a day anyone can enjoy healthier and younger looking skin. 


Artificial Lashes




We work hard to keep up with the latest innovations in science that offer a new way for dermatologists & other health professionals not just to help you live longer but also provide an easy solution as well. Our mission is simple - to make living better easier and more fun!


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